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Gardens — green acres – one with nature

Established, park-like rock-gardens surround the buildings — over a total area of approximately 1–1.5 acres — and include several charming patios with their own vantage points.
Rocks salvaged from the property are featured throughout the garden.
Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, the garden is dappled with a valuable array of native and topical trees, bushes and plants and some fruit trees. A mature garden; contrary to new developments where no trees are allowed near new buildings closer than 30 meter or more !
This is a private paradise, a tranquil eden where you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the city ... surrounded by lush tropical flora and gentle wildlife, birdsongs, and magnificent mountain backdrops.

A large variety of wildlife and birds are ever present in and around the garden — changing throughout the seasons but never in overwhelming or noisy numbers.

Plenty of choices for a pool with outdoor spa and sauna, totally protected from outside visibility whilst maintaining views over the escarpments. Both main house and cottage are planted out for privacy. Good soils for planting a veggie garden. With an abundance of water, this is a unique, self-sustainable, hilltop-sanctuary — extremely peaceful, with an absence of traffic noise.

The “house island” gardens are surrounded by well-maintained walking tracks, leading to adjoining open areas — and there are tracks to the rain-forested creeks.

The Estate

Usable land: The total expanse of 103-acre / 43-hectare of land, has a good balance of open area's and rainforest; some old-growth, pristine rainforest pockets in hidden valleys and along the creeks, and large regenerating sections of re-growth — with the remainder consisting of tidy bush, mainly on slopes. Adjoining the homestead gardens are three well-maintained open fields of about 2–4 acres each, with their own breathtaking views over valley and escarpments — excellent potential for an up-market Eco-tourism business, tennis court, helicopter-pad, horses or alpacas. Scattered over the property are more open paddocks, each with a private feel and views, providing additional opportunities, e.g. for multiple occupancy.
Immersed in the clean mountain air of Australia's Green Cauldron, with its rich flora and fauna and fertile volcanic soil, TriAngles also has possibilities to be developed for permaculture and market-gardens. Because no broad-acre spraying has ever been done, it is Organic Certification ready.

Roads and walking tracks: The scenic private access road is a well-established all-weather road meandering uphill to the homestead, and passes a picturesque permanent dam. Surrounding and running from the homestead are well-maintained tracks that double as a fire-break (rural fire-brigade approved) – providing improved access to the property and the creeks.
See 'Maintenance' for additional description of the roads.

Secluded and very secure retreat: The private roads are not only scenic and providing access, but also ensure ultimate privacy as well as extra security to the homestead. Unlike most 100-acre properties where the house is situated close to the main road – with all the land stretching 'out the back' – the homestead of TriAngles is positioned at the heart. In all its beauty, the access road does not attract to 'explore' and its geological features allow for various options to a high-security lock-up of the property – providing ultimate privacy.


One of the important assets of TriAngles property is its permanent water supply. Three creeks run through the property, two of them straight from the Nightcap Ranges NP plateau. The back of TriAngles is only separated from the National Park by a narrow strip of neighboring bush land, which is only accessible via TriAngles property.

The main water supply to the homestead comes from a clean and permanent spring, that provides for unlimited crystal clear water – it has never run dry in even the driest spells. The spring water is naturally filtered by sand-banks before being pumped to the storage tank by means of a traditional diesel-engine powered pump. Conversion to an electric motor has already been prepared, which would ensure water to the storage tank by a simple flick of a switch.
A solid electric pressure pump (replaced in 2009) transports the crystal clear spring water from the tank to the home and garden taps at domestic pressure. Imagine to have your showers with pure spring water-!! Because of the purity and 'aliveness' that this water naturally processes, it not only tastes great, but is also much safer to drink than town water, or even rainwater.

The creeks always have dipping holes, and in the wetter periods there are many small waterfalls. The feel of skinny-dipping in your undisturbed privately-owned wonderland is unsurpassable !
Snake Creek is the second and main creek running trough the property, and can be an exciting roaring torrent after heavy rain. When the level is lower in-between, it allows for hiking around the trickling stream and along its creek banks, exploring the many dipping holes and new rainforest seed-banks.

Unsurpassable majestic Views

Buildings and gardens, as well as several other open areas on the property, all have breathtaking
360-degree, elevated views over the Caldera and Scenic Rim of the entire upper Tweed Valley
and its World Heritage listed National Parks.

3 Top-ranking aspects over 6 National Parks in total:

The expansive views to be enjoyed from TriAngles are like being on an island in a blue-and-green sea. The homestead occupies the most prominent position near spectacular Sphinx Rock, which virtually sits in the backyard. It is this combination of backing and outlook, that creates ideal Feng Shui energy.
At an altitude of 270 meter, you feel a 'pleasant connection' with the valley below – the mountains are like part of the garden – yet you are away from it all and can enjoy ultimate privacy on your own hilltop paradise ... with commanding views.

Just watch the never-boring play-of-light as clouds drift over the valley ... and on those magic mornings when mist covers the valley below, you feel like floating on top of the clouds, which forever change shape and colour as the sun touches the treetops – creating a different display every time.
Another spectacular display, is the occasional lightning storm, to be enjoyed safely from the veranda. For more on weather in the mountains go to: 'Location & Maps'.

Visit the Photo Gallery to see more of the views from TriAngles.

Flora and Fauna –
TriAngles provides a key function in rainforest regeneration

“Landcare” has nominated this property several times and effectuated clearing weeds, while at the same time providing regeneration. A lot can be learned from these experts; for instance about the abundance of native species on TriAngles. Because TriAngles is the highest property on the escarpment along Snake Creek, this also ensures the spreading of important seeds and regeneration further downstream into the Tweed Valley – thereby providing an important key-function in rainforest regeneration.

More than 350 different native species of trees and bushes can be found in this local Tweed Valley area, according to counts by an expert of the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Read more about this diversity on the neighbour's "Mount Burrell Cultural Gardens" website:
Together with an even bigger variety of plants in the surrounding World Heritage listed National Parks on the Scenic Rim – being one of the largest uninterrupted regions of remaining Gondwanaland Rainforest of Australia – one can see why this region is referred to as the most bio-diverse in the country.

A variety of wildlife, like several Wallaby species have a home on TriAngles, besides a large number of smaller marsupials, Echidnas, Goannas, Possums, and many species of frogs, reptiles and birds. Over 50 bird species have been counted in the gardens alone. A resident-family of about 8 red-neck Wallabies roam directly around the homestead on a daily basis. Joeys grow up around the buildings, where the mothers know it's save. No dogs have been kept on the property for the past decade, so the Wallabies are rather tame, but have never been fed and hence are not dependent on human inhabitants for food. There have been regular sightings of Swampies, who are more shy than the red-necks – and even the endangered Rock Wallaby.

High-rated Eco-property

Many eco-features as well as a low-allergy status were created by dedicated management – providing a solid base for the future. Renovation as well as general maintenance has been undertaken with the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials possible:

Natural oils for wood protection and low- or no-VOC paints were used throughout the buildings, creating a healthy and natural indoor environment. Where possible, (recycled) timbers from the property were used. No chemicals at all have been used in house and garden.

The crystal clear spring water can be used without any hesitation.

A state-of-the-art brand-new Solar Hot Water system provides heating of the water.

Low impact eradication of noxious weeds took place, and rainforest regeneration was undertaken in a most responsible manner. The bare minimum of herbicides was used, for instance by painting cut-off Camphor Laurel instead of spraying. No broad-acre spraying has ever been done on the property.

No grazing on the property since 2000.

Wildlife is respected in every way and many of the old barbed wire fences have been removed within the boundaries of the property, to ensure save passage of Wallabies.

Natural terrain contours were followed when surveying and establishing the new access road, ensuring minimal disturbance of the land and its inhabitants, and resulting in an extremely stable low-maintenance road.

Potential business opportunity for eco-tourism – more info under 'Buildings / Cottage'

Maintenance –
small-acreage lifestyle...
with the space and feel of a private 'National Park'

More than the hard work has been done – and apart from the usual upkeep in any house or sizable garden, development of this property has now reached a stage that you'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

Terrain: Yes, there is maintenance just like on any acreage block. But don't let the size of this property fool you, as maintaining it is comparable to a small-acreage (3 acres) lifestyle property – except that this one is located in the centre of your very own National Park-like surroundings-!! The garden has been established over three decades of TLC – surrounding the homestead with a huge variety of mature plants and trees that need little maintenance. A local professional lawnmower service can maintain all grassy areas and walking tracks in about an hour. Mowing the garden is even do-able with a walk-behind mower, providing for a good work-out ... no need for a gym.

Road: The private road was completed in 2005 and is so well-designed and established that maintenance is very straightforward. Done 'the right way' and engineered wisely over many years, the road has 50% more culverts than usual and a build-up of solid layers of road base, partly quarried on the property – and is extremely stable. The road has proven to withstand even the worst of conditions; it is practically impossible to get any water-damage in extreme weather – like so many other private roads – and has compacted and hardened even more because of that. The surface needs spot-patching with gravel only once a year.

Buildings: Next to the use of sustainable and healthy materials, choices have been made with an eye to long-term durability.
For example, by using quality natural oils for wood protection, there's no need for difficult sanding back – instead, new coats can be re-applied after simple cleaning the surfaces with water and soap.

TriAngles – what's in a name

Several triangular shapes in the mountains are visible from the entire property – the closest being practically in the backyard; the pyramid-shape on the rock-shield of the Sphinx Rock escarpment.

TriAngles is located at the southern corner of the so-called 'Magic Triangle' formed by three mountain peaks: Mount Warning (Wollumbin) to the North, The Pinnacle on the Border Ranges to the North-West, and the Sphinx Rock to the South-East. All of these mountain peaks can be seen from the property. According to old local knowledge by Aborigines, this magic triangle has beneficial energy.
Three major Lye-lines have been detected to run between those mountains; one of those Lye-lines (the Aborigines named them "song-lines") has been dowsed by several people to run about 25 meters in front of the house through the garden.

Unobstructed views to three compass directions: East, North and West. To the South the property is sheltered by Mount Burrell and the Nightcap Ranges, whilst the buildings nestle on its slopes with a most ideal north-easterly aspect – creating beneficial Feng Shui.

Ideal central location within a triangle of major centres:
Gold Coast, Byron Bay and the Richmond Valley.
And at a closer range; the shopping towns of Murwillumbah, Lismore and Kyogle.