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This property is now sold.

The web site design and the domain name are now for sale.

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This web site design and the domain name are now for sale.

ECOmmUNITY / Multiple Occupancy (MO)

TriAngles ECOmmUNITY A new development that some people might be interested in.
We are looking for members to Co-Create a Community (MO).
The involvement of an essential core-group of 6-12 people will be required to make a start.
Until this group has formed, the property will stay on the market as freehold.

Because this 103-acre slice of paradise is so ultimately suited to be shared, it has always been a dream to do so — however, it was never clear how that could be manifested. 
Over the past year we've had quite a few people visiting and inspecting, and more wisdom has been gained; resulting in a plan for co-ownership and starting up a community. 

Offering a chance to live an affordable lifestyle in this stunning place
How would you like waking up in this eden every morning, feeling more connected to nature and your neighborhood?  If this sounds appealing, you might be interested to become a member of the core-group of custodians on this property.

Prices are around 95K ... or less if you share a house-site
and build a co-owned-house with friends or family
The whole idea is to buy the estate together with a group — and transfer it into a trust or company — with each resident having a Lease (perpetual) on a house-site that will be re-sellable. You will also share in the assets and infrastructure of the entire estate, offering a multitude of possibilities for an income producing lifestyle.

MORE information:

Since TriAngles has to stay on the market as a freehold property until there are enough people to form a core group, there is unfortunately a time constraint —
So let us know a.s.a.p. if you feel attracted to be a part of this